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Buying a home is no cheap investment. It will not always be a smooth journey especially if you skip an essential part of a real estate transaction – the home inspection. You could miss out on the significant things you need to know about the property. More often than not, buyers who skipped the home inspection ended up losing thousands for unexpected and costly repairs.
In fact, these are the common issues we found:

  • Structural problems (Defects in foundation or roof)
  • Electrical system issues (faulty wiring, electrical hazards, etc.)
  • Problems in the plumbing
  • Mold growth
  • Poorly installed drainage system
  • HVAC issues

How can these problems be avoided?

We can easily avoid these problems by taking the help of our Riverside home inspectors.

Before buying the property ask your seller to provide the home inspection report from a trained and certified home inspector.

This will make you confident about buying the property.

What are the tasks of a professional Riverside Home Inspector?

A professional home inspector checks the real condition of the house or the properties which you have chosen to buy.

There are various fields where you can get a professional Riverside home inspector opinion.

Among them, the major and the important are the construction or the structural inspection, pre delivery inspection, heating ventilation, plumbing inspection, and air conditioning inspection and other parts.

These major parts have many sub parts like basement, roofing, masonry, doors, windows, walls and a lot more.

After proper checking of the conditions of the building, the inspectors will provide the detailed report of the house.

The inspectors will provide the report based on visual inspection.

In addition, you can also ask for a detailed and fair home inspection cost to prepare you for the expenses it will cause you.

Can you do the inspection yourself or with any of your friends or family members?

This would not be a good idea, unless you are professionally trained!

This is a matter of your biggest lifetime investment or a long term investment.

So making the right decisions is a vital part of process of buying the property.

You and your friends and family may or may not have the right skills or the adequate knowledge about the parts which are covered under the inspection process.

So our professional home inspectors can help you in this field.

What are the advantages of appointing Riverside Home Inspectors?

There are numerous advantages which you get by performing a home inspection.

These are:

  • A home inspector can assess major defects, safety concerns, and potential threats. If any problems exist in the home inspection report, your agent can negotiate for a lower price or discuss with the homeowner on how the problems will be fixed.
  • Home inspections aren’t just for present circumstances; they can be used as tools for future planning. The money you spend on a home inspection now may save you costly repairs down the road.
  • A home inspection assists in the sales process by making buyers feel certain about their purchase. It makes them happy and satisfied and eliminates buyer’s remorse. Buying a home is a big decision for any person so it is important to have it evaluated first. A home inspection is the best way to avoid buyer’s remorse. It helps buyers save money and gives them peace of mind.

In conclusion, you will get the above-mentioned advantages if only you get our professional home inspectors.

When you call and schedule your inspection with us, you will receive quality work and peace of mind!

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